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The purpose of this blog is to capture the attention of individuals who know how to step, those who are interested in stepping and for those who have no clue about what stepping is.  The essential aim is to introduce stepping which is a unique art form of skill, poise and synchronization to a large scope of inquisitive minds.  It hopes to provide strategies and methods on how to “step like s master” through various mastery level techniques.  The art form of stepping utilizes precision, dynamics and high levels of intensity during all performances, which is why stepping is so captivating.  In order to step like the best proper conditioning is necessary so that muscles are properly warmed up for this physical exertion.   In the public arena stepping has gained much attention as an entertainment specialty and consequently those who possess the skill at a mastery level are in high demand.  Stepping combines dancing throughout its framework and dance elements are incorporated in most show pieces. If you want to  “step like a master “personality and rhythm are necessary for execution, but ingenuity is what separates a mastery level stepper from an average one.   Come explore and learn how to “Step Like A Master”.


The header was borrowed and remixed images from Stomp the Yard & a stunt shot from  one of my step showpieces.



7 comments on “About

  1. I like the set up of your blog and the content seems to be interesting. Transferring from an HBCU where greek organizations did tons of stepping, I can relate to this blog a little bit. However, the background and makes it a little tough to read the title of the blog and email. Other than that i wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. I’m a big fan of your header, background and topic as I really enjoyed the movie. All of it combined gives the page that flair that comes with stepping in general. I also like how you incorporated what I assume to be yourself into header picture which personalizes it even further. I am going to agree with the user above me and say the only thing is that the background makes it hard to read the title but that is a very minor flaw in very cool blog overall.

    • Hey Woost,
      I need to fix that detail ASAP, but thanks I’m glad you think it works hopefully I’ll get the hang of Pixler it took me sometime to get the images to look somewhat cohesive.

  3. Hi Monique, I really like the specific focus of your blog, it seems like you have a lot to offer about stepping, which is really cool because I honestly know next to nothing about it and it would be interesting to learn more. The only thing I would suggest is maybe adding more tags to your posts, it might be useful for people trying to find specific information on your blog? Looks great overall!

  4. I would absolutely want to master stepping it’s one of my 3 main dancing styles I want to master and I hope maybe one day I’ll have a chance to do that.

    • it’s is a great dance style to incorporate in show performances. It adds an element of surprise that can enhance the various styles that you may want to utilize

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